Lyre Music samples

Academic Choir has performed a lot of good music throughout the years. The samples on this page can - in spite of Internet's limited sound quality - give you a hint of what you can hear for real at the concerts. Copyright information below.

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You will need Real Player to listen to the samples. Get a free copy from Real Systems. for MP3 files the player Winamp from is recommended.

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Listen Listen Halleluja Choir from the Messiah by G. F. Handel. Conductor: Nenia Zenana.
Lyt Lyt Lyt Alto Rhapsody from a concert June 2005. Conductor: Nenia Zenana, alto: Andrea Pellegrini.
Listen   Listen Listen Requiem - Te decet hymnus from Requiem by G. Verdi. Conductor: Nenia Zenana.
Listen   Listen Listen Der hundertste Psalm (Jauchzet dem Herrn alle Welt), motet by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Conductor: Nenia Zenana.
Listen Listen Listen Gloria - Sicut Erat from Magnificat by J.S.Bach. Conductor: Nenia Zenana.
Listen       He Spake the Word from Israel in Egypt af G. F. Händel. Conductor: Morten Topp.
Listen       Gloria from the b minor Mass by J.S.Bach. Conductor: Morten Topp.
Listen       O Mensch, bewein dein' Sünde Gross from the St. Matthew Passion by J.S.Bach. Conductor: Morten Topp.
Listen       Pie Jesu from Requiem in c minor by Cherubini. Conductor: Morten Topp.
Listen       Mit Staunen from The Creation by J. Haydn. Soloist: Inger Dam-Jensen. Conductor: Morten Topp.

Academic Orchestra

Academic Orchestra - 100'th anniversary in 1999 - is capable of more than accompanying the Choir. For a 100 year birthday present we bring you

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Listen Listen Listen   Schubert's Symphony no. 8, "Unfinished", performed November 8, 1998, conducted by Morten Topp.


All music on this page is recorded live, and all copyrights belong to Akademisk Kor. If you are interested in an electronic reproduction of any of the music, please contact Werner Knudsen.

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